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Le studio Eyelicious offers exceptional eyelash and nail applications in Gatineau and our products are available near you!

Le Studio Eyelicious is your choice for nails and eyelash extensions in Gatineau! Our products are also available near you.

Le Studio Eyelicious in Gatineau specializes in the application of eyelashes and nails.

For a long-lasting radiant look, opt for our eyelash application. Our eyelash extensions are applied with professionalism and precision, leaving you with stunning results. Our estheticians are fully trained and offer impeccable service. No matter what you are looking for, we are able to advise and help you. Whether you are going for a natural look with individual eyelash extensions, or a more glamorous look with a volume application, our eyelash extension specialists will guide you through your options while taking into consideration your eyelashes in terms of their condition and health.

And the same goes for nail application. We are here to enhance your look right down to the tip of your nails. If you want to spoil yourself and have your nails done, whether it’s a French manicure, colour, ombre, marble, jeweled and more, our nail artists know how to please.

Knowing that these are much sought after technical skills, we offer courses through our training centre where we give instruction on all of the techniques required to achieve professional results.

Whether you are in Gatineau or elsewhere, contact us today with any questions and visit our store for our full line of products!

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What we offer...

  • 01Nail Applications
    Nail Applications
    • Acrylic
    • Gel
    • Soak Off Varnish
    • Shellac
  • 02Eyelashes
    • Classic 
    • 2D, 3D
    • Mega volume
    • Cashmere Silk
    • Coloured eyelashes
  • 03Training Centre
    Training Centre
    • Nails formation
    • Eyelash extension formation
    • Eyelash enhancement formation
    • Available improvement
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